About Company

Chojnowo Mine owned by Lubuskie Kruszywa Sp. z o. o., located in the province of Lubuskie.  The main activity of the company is the extraction of minerals from deposits and the production of aggregates. The aggregates produced come from homogeneous, natural deposits, which guarantees the stability of the recipes. Thanks to numerous modernisation of the processing plant, the Chojnowo Mine offers its customers good quality and diverse assortment of aggregates:

  • Standardised sands:
    EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13242 and EN 13139
  • Standardised gravel:
    EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13242 and EN 13139
  • Compliant mixtures:
    EN 12620, EN 13043 and EN 13242

Our aggregates have high physical and mechanical parameters that predispose  them to be used in:

  • production of ready-mix concrete, paving stones, mineral and asphalt masses,
  • road foundations,
  • land exchange,
  • ballast,
  • and other works.

Our main goals are

  • partnership and flexible cooperation with clients,
  • respect and protection of the natural environment,
  • rational use of mining areas,
  • high level of safety and working conditions.
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